For Students, Staff, and Other Patrons

Patron Services

UMN Students:

We support the students of the Curriculum and Instruction Department, mainly those in educational programs, though the access to children's and adolescent literature and academic materials in their fields of study. We are the only library on campus with a large quantity of children's and adolescent literature available for check out.

We welcome students to come to Peik 45 to:

  • Curl up with a good book
  • Enjoy a quiet space to study between classes or any time during the day
  • Meet up with a group around one of our two large conference tables to work on a shared project
  • Find, read or check out children's and adolescent literature to supplement a lesson or unit plan, educational assignment or read with a practicum student
  • Find, read or check out children's and adolescent literature for literary analysis and review
  • Find, read or check out award winning children's and adolescent literature
  • Find, read or check out academic books and SLE journals related to your field of study
  • We offer printing of documents on a limited and emergency basis

Read more about our library policies for circulation of materials.

New Books

UMN Staff:

We offer the same services to our staff members that we offer to our students. We welcome you to come and enjoy the CI Library and our wonderful book collections.

Other Patrons:

We welcome CI Library patrons that are not UMN instructors, staff, or students, as long as they have some affiliation with the University of Minnesota. Please contact us for details.