General Collection

General Collection

Children's and Adolescent Literature Collections: General Holdings

The general collection holds the following children's and adolescent materials, organized by format and/or by topic/content.


Picturebooks and novels featuring the lives of historical, inspirational, or influential people.

Chapter Books

Chapter books are short and focused reads that are segmented into chapters for transitional readers. They are often more formulaic than novels and larger fonts and more images.

Early Readers

Books for children who are learning how to read. Early readers are also called beginner books or easy readers and contain more limited text, the images match the text, and they help to develop various reading skills. Depending on the type of early reader series the books are organized by level (top shelf) or by author last name.

Emergent Literacy

Books for our earliest readers who are still learning text awareness and early letter recognition. This collection includes board books and many of the books have one word on the page or very simple text.

Foreign Language/Bilingual Books

We have a very small collection of foreign language and bilingual books for young readers. The books are organized by language.

Graphic Novels

Comics style books in many varieties, genres, and interest levels.

Juvenile Fiction

Middle Grade novels and Young Adult novels in many varieties, genres, and interest levels. Juvenile Fiction books are sorted by the following genres: 

Fantasy          Mystery         Murder Mystery       Thriller        Science Fiction 
Realistic Fiction        Romance         Coming of Age        Humor        Sports
Animals     Historical Fiction     Adventure      Magical Realism     Classics    Grief


Use the Dewey Decimal System to find out the vast information that can be discovered in our nonfiction section!

Novels in Verse

We have a small collection of novels written in verse/poetic style.


Our large picturebook collection is grouped in four ways:

  • General Topic
  • Academic Subject
  • Genre
  • Series

*See image below for more details.


Poetry picturebooks and collections in many varieties, genres, and interest levels.

Pop-Up Books

We have a small collection of pup-up books.

Traditional Literature/Folklore

This section contains many types of traditional literature including tall tales, fairy tales, porquoi stories, myths, and more. It is organized by continent or region.

Picturebook Organization

picturebook organization

C&I Children's Literature Collection

C&I Children's Literature Collection
General Collection

Call Number Codes


  • General Biography - J921 [SUBJECT LAST NAME]
  • Multiple Biography - J920 [GROUP NAME (Example: WOMEN SCIENTISTS)]

Chapter Books - CB

Early Readers - ER

Emergent Literacy - EL

Foreign Language/Bilingual Books - FL [LANGUAGE]/ BL [LANGUAGE]

Graphic Novels - GN

Juvenile Fiction - JF

Nonfiction - Dewey Decimal Numbers 001.00 to 999.99 (See below)

Novels in Verse - NIV

Picturebooks - PB

Poetry - P

Pop-Up Books - PUB

Traditional Literature/Folklore:

  • T [REGION NAME] 398.2
  • Contemporary Tales - PB
  • Fairy Tales - Alphabetical by Tale Title
  • Fractured Fairy Tales - PB
  • T MYTHOLOGY 398.2
  • T RELIGION 398.2
NF-Dewey Decimal - Peik 45