Library Policies

Our policies pertaining to the circulation of our materials.

Find information about borrowing, returning, and renewing materials and what to do about late or lost books.

Circulation Policies:

Checking Out Materials:

  • All UMN students, staff, and faculty can check out materials through our system with an email account and a student/staff ID number.
    • Your account will be created during your first visit to the library (Note: Some instructors set up accounts for their students prior to a library visit)
  • All regular use materials and books are checked out for a 3 week period (exceptions apply for specialty books, technology materials, and other limited use materials)
    • Faculty members have a 5 week check out period

Returning Materials:

  • Materials can be returned to the library drop box in the hallway outside of Peik 45 or to a blue return basket by the front door.
  • Technology materials should be returned directly to library staff (If we are closed they can be returned to Peik 125)

Renewing Materials:

  • Most materials can be renewed up to three times, if there are no holds on the materials
  • Library patrons must be in good standing with the library (without excessive overdue or missing books) to renew books
  • Renewals can be requested in person at the front desk, by email, or in response to a Return/Renew Notice sent by our library staff.

Return/Renew Notices:

  • We send out Renew/Return Reminder notices by email every other week. These notices increase in frequency near the end of the semester

Placing a Hold on Materials:

  • If you would like to request a specific title of place a hold on specific materials in our collection, contact us by email.

Hall Book Drop - Tom


Tom is always waiting paitently to gobble up your book returns!


Late or Missing Materials:

Late Materials:

  • You will receive Return/Renew Notices when materials are overdue and need to be returned or renewed
  • We DO NOT assess late fees
  • If your materials are over 60 days overdue and/or you have not responded to multiple Return/Renew notices your UMN student account may be held
    • We will contact you with a hold warning and attempt to resolve the issue together before placing your account on hold
    • If we cannot resolve the issue, your UMN student account will be placed on hold until you return the materials or pay for their replacement
      • If your student account is placed on hold you will not be able to register for classes or graduate

Missing Materials:

  • We recognize that accidents happen and sometimes materials go astray. We work together, if/when you contact us, on a case by case basis to create a plan for the replacement of any materials that meet this fate.