For Instructors

We love partnering with our instructors! Find out how to schedule a tour, work together on an assignment for one of your courses, or put course materials on reserve.

Schedule a Tour

We love to have classes tour Peik45 to ensure that they are aware of the library and the many resources it has available to them. Please note that tours are conducted by the PhD Student Coordinator and due to scheduling conflicts we may not be able to accommodate all course and/or instructor schedules, though we will do our best to ensure that we can make your tour possible.

Partner on an Assignment

There are times when having our collections available during a class session or connected directly to a specific assignment would benefit the learning objectives of your course. We love to partner with instructors to host part or all of a class session in the library or create a micro-collection for your student's use, as needed.

To schedule a tour or partner on an assignment, please complete this Google form.

Place Books on Reserve

If you would like to place books on reserve for your course, please email us. We will keep the books behind our front desk and they will only be accessible through a CI Librarian. You can determine if you would like them to only be used in Peik 45 or if they can be borrowed through the use of a sign out sheet. We can hold books in reserve for any length of time that is best suited to your course and student needs.

A class assignment - in action

Students work on a class assignment for Dr. Oziewicz's undergraduate course: Humans and Other Talking Animals