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Closed for Summer

The C&I Library is closed for summer break and will re-open on September 3, 2019.

If you need to return books while we are closed, just drop them off in our hallway dropbox right outside of Peik 45. We hope you read some great books this summer and will see you again in the fall!

Last 3 Weeks

The end of the semester is nigh! Here is our schedule for the last three weeks of spring semester. Our last day open will be Friday, May 10th. Remember to return your books, either while we are open or in our hallway dropbox whenever you're in Peik.

last 3 weeks


Current Hours

Summer 2019
We are closed for the summer! We will re-open on September 3, 2019.
Hours are subject to change due to school closures, staffing changes or emergencies, and during summer term. Our hours also vary from term to term. Please check our Twitter feed or the blog for updates.

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