Second Language Education

Academic Collection: Second Language Education Materials

The general collection houses the following materials, organized by curricular focus:

Academic Texts and Materials

Materials and texts pertaining to the theories, philosphical foundations, theoretical frameworks, research, scholarship and practice of second language education.

Elaine Torone Journal Collection

A collection of journals pertaining to the field of Second Language Education.

  • Annual Review of Applied Linguistics 2000-2017
  • Applied Linguistics 1980-2012
  • Language Learning: A Journal of Applied Linguiostics/Research in Language Studies 1979-2010
  • MinneTESOL/WITESOL 1981-2005
  • The Modern Language Journal 1993-2016
  • TESOL Quarterly 1967-2017
  • Workign Papers on Bilingualism 1974-1977

Teaching Materials:

  • Grammar - Instructional materials to teach English grammar in SLE classrooms
  • Integrated Skills - Instructional materials to teach the integrated skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in SLE classrooms
  • K-12 Teaching Materials - Instructional materials to teach K-12 in ESL classrooms
  • Oral Skills - Instructional materials to teach oral skills in SLE classrooms
  • Reading and Writing - Instructional materials to teach reading and writing in SLE classrooms
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Call Number Codes

Academic Texts and Materials - SLE or SLC

Elaine Torone Journal Collection- SLE JOURNALS + Journal Title

Teaching Materials: SLC +

  • Grammar: HIED ENG-GR
  • Integrated Skills: HIED INT SKILL
  • K-12 Teaching Materials: K-12 ESL
  • Oral Skills: HIED ORAL SKILLS
  • Reading and Writing: HIED READ WRIT